bindii weedIdentifying Bindii Weeds

Bindii is a common weed in home lawns, and one which is often quickly controlled by the homeowner due to the nasty prickles it creates. These bindii prickles are often of distress to children and an annoyance to adults and pets, getting stuck in clothing and being dragged inside the house.

The Bindii weed grows very low to the ground with parsley or carrot-top shaped leaves, it produces a single flower which will eventually grow a seed pod. It’s this seed pod which is covered in prickles which becomes the bane of lawnowners everywhere.

There are several popular names for the same weed around the country including Bindii, Jo-Jo and Onehunga.

How To Kill Bindii Jo-Jo Onehungabindii weed 2

Bindii can be kiiled by pulling the weed from the soil – being sure to take the roots with the weed. A sharp knife can also help remove the weed by digging it into the soil to take the weed off at it’s roots.

Bindii can also be killed very easily with a selective herbicide. The herbicide can be purchased from any gardening store in a concentrated form, which is then mixed with water in a Handy Sprayer and applied to the lawn. Allow two weeks for the Bindii to die, and if more weeds emerge then a second application should be applied after the first two week period.