broadlead weedsWhat Are BroadLeaf Weeds

The term “Broadleaf Weeds” refers to a very large number of very different weed types which all fit into a similar patterns of having mostly broad leafs, as well as being treatable by the same type of herbicide.

Broadleaf weeds can include many wild grasses, clover, bindii, catsear, dandelions and hundreds if not thousands of other weeds types.

Broadleaf Weed Killers Are The First Treatment Option

Because the category of broadleaf weeds is so varied and immense in size, it is often the first type of herbicide to turn to when there is multiple or unknown weed types in home lawns. A spray with a broadleaf herbicide will usually kill many weeds in it’s first application, leaving only more specific weed types which can then be most easily be identified and treated.

Applying Broad Leaf Weed Killers

There are many different brands of broadleaf herbicides available and they are all very similar in their applications. They are bought from the lawn care store in a concentrated form and mixed up in a spraying bottle as per manufacturers directions.

Spraying the lawn is very straight forward, with the homeowner only keeping these points in mind when planning on spraying:

Never spray one week prior to, or after lawn mowing. This allows the grass to heal it’s wounds from mowing, and if it weren’t done then the lawn would absorb much of the chemical that are being applied to it, thus killing the lawn.

Never water lawns for several days after the application of broadleaf herbicides. The longer the lawn can go without a drink – the better, this will allow as much herbicide as possible to penetrate the weed before any residual is washed away from watering.

Buffalo Lawns and Broad Leaf Weeds

Buffalo lawns are extremely sensitive to broadleaf weed sprays, this is because the same principle the herbicide uses to attach itself to the broad leaf of these weeds, also attaches itself to the broad leaf of Buffalo grass. The result can be the sickness or even death of the lawn.

Some broadleaf herbicides are suitable for use with Buffalo lawns, so always be very careful before choosing the right herbicide and always check the label as to it’s suitability for use on Buffalo grass prior to purchase.

Weed And Feed Herbicides

These herbicides are the ones which are usually attached to a garden hose and sprayed onto the lawn to kill off weeds. They are almost always broadleaf herbicides and mostly will adversely affect Buffalo lawns. They are very weak and of very little benefit, and generally should be avoided at all times, a good concentrated broadleaf herbicide should be purchased instead, it is easily mixed in a sprayer and will provide far greater results than any Weed and Feed ever will.