Burr Medic In Lawns

Burr Medic is another common weedBurr Medic in many home lawns and gardens, it comes from a family of weeds called Medics, which are all quite common and all look very similar. The differences are irrelevant and treatment is the same across all weed types.

Burr Medic grows long purple-green stems which creep along the ground, they have trifoliate leaves with three sections to each leaf, in much the same way as Clover and Oxalis have. Burr Medic develop yellow pea shaped flowers along their stems and many small green-brown burrs which are often soft and covered in soft prickles.

The weed can easily spread out across the lawn and become quite large in size, which makes it an unwelcome invader into our lawns, which we are prompted to remove.

Controlling Burr Medic

Burr Medic is easily controlled with regular lawn mowing which will continually remove it’s seeds and burrs as well as some of it’s green leaf. The regular lawn mowing will control the weed for future generations by removing it’s seeds, but mowing will not kill Burr Medic.

Killing Burr Medic

Burr Medic is easily killed in lawns with the use of selective herbicides, which can be purchased from the local lawn care and garden shop. Allow two weeks for the herbicide to work, and if necessary – re-spray any remaining or re-emerging weeds.

Buffalo Lawn Warning

Many selective herbicides for use on lawns can kill Buffalo grass.

Be sure to check the label of herbicides to ensure their safe use of Buffalo lawn.