Chickweed In Lawns and Gardens

Common Chickweed is one of those lawn and chickweedgarden weeds which never seems to go away, it is easily eradicated and yet it still keeps re-appearing at different times. It has a bright and shiny green leaf on multiple stems which are topped off by small white flowers.

How To Kill Chickweed

Regular lawn mowing will kill chickweed, very easily killing the weed and removing it’s seed in the process. Chickweed is also highly susceptible to being killed with Broadleaf weedkillers.

The plant structure of Chickweed is very flimsy, it can easily be broken or pulled from the ground, when pulled from the ground it’s roots are easily removed which are also very fine and weak. Hand-pulling, hoeing, lawn mowing and raking all easily remove this weed.

The reason Chickweed keeps re-appearing is due to it’s rapid growth and reproduction cycles, the weed can germinate and be re-seeding it’s next generation of weed seeds in under 6 weeks, just another great reason for regular lawn mowing.

The other big reason Chickweed is so difficult to keep away is the survivability of it’s seed, which can last for decades in the soil before germinating another generation.

Despite it’s annoying regularity, Chickweed is of little nuisance value, is easily controlled, and many people even enjoy eating it as an extremely nutrient rich herb.