Dandelions In Lawns

Dandelions are more of an eyesore indandelions in lawn home lawns than they are any real nuisance. They are a very weak weed which is easily controlled and killed with little effort, but they do have the ability to spread themselves very effectively and quickly.

Identifying Dandelion

Dandelions are easily recognisable by both kids and adults, they have flat dark green leaves which lay flat on the ground and are topped by a long stem with a beautiful yellow flow on top. As the flower matures it will change it’s shape, colour and structure to transform into a white ball of fluff.

These white balls of fluff are in fact hundreds of seeds, each with a tiny white parachute, once matured and then disturbed by people or the wind, these seeds will take flight, flying through the air to find their next home, only to begin another generation of these Dandelion weeds. The seeds also have a sticky component which will stick to the clothes of people and the furs of pets, all designed to further aid the weed in spreading to new areas.

dandelionsControlling Dandelion

Dandelion is easily controlled by regular lawn mowing which removes the flowers when they are still yellow and before they have developed seeds. This process stops the weed from re-seeding for future seasons. A healthy lawn will also out-compete this weed, and in turn – will refuse it a home to establish in.

Killing Dandelion

Dandelion is a very easy weed to kill, most broadleaf herbicides will kill this weed with quickly. Broadleaf herbicides are one of the cheapest herbicides to purchase and will kill more weed types than any other herbicides, so treating for Dandelions will also kill several other weed types in the lawn.

Dandelions can also be pulled out by hand, or cut off at the root with a sharp knife.killing dandelion

Herbicide Warning For Buffalo Grass

Broadleaf herbicides can kill or damage Buffalo lawns. Be sure to check the label of the herbicide to ensure it is safe for use on Buffalo grass.