Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot is a common lawn disease dollar spot lawn disease 1which is most often seen in lawns which are in poor condition. Dollar Spot is identified by the small circular brown or yellow spots it creates on a lawns surface, these spots are usually around the size of a dollar coin… hence the name Dollar Spot.

Causes Of Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot is most often caused by a lack of Nutrients in the soil, the problem is aggravated or promoted by other lawn conditions as well, such as poor drainage, soil compaction, watering at night, shade and excessive levels of thatch.

Naturally Curing Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot lawn disease is usually treateddollar spot lawn disease 2 by reversing all the aggravating factors which caused the disease to take hold in the first place. This will significantly weaken the lawn disease, and make the lawn stronger to fight it off completely. These practices are called Cultural Management practices, which really means just doing the things which take care of our lawns in the best way.

Decrease shade to lawn by pruning trees and bushes as much as possible.

Stop watering at night, and only water in the morning, also decreasing watering as much as possible while still maintaining a healthy lawn.

Compacted soils, or soils holding onto to much water should be aerated with lawn coring, and water flow and distribution in the soil increased by regular applications of Wetting Agents.

A good year round fertilising program should begin immediately using high quality lawn fertilisers. This will require applying applying fertilisers every two months – year round, adjusting to Winter Fertilisers in colder weather.

Fungicide Treatment For Dollar Spot

Lawn fungicides can be purchased which willdollar spot lawn disease 3 cure Dollar Spot, although these are often considered a last resort by lawn owners as they are often unnecessary.

The Dollar Spot lawn disease is most often seen as a warning of the problems with our lawns, and when we do all the good things (Cultural Management) to cure the Dollar Spot, we are also significantly strengthening our lawns, and making them more beautiful, healthy and disease resistant in the process.