Dynamic Lifter Fertiliser

Dynamic Lifter is a processed and aged sheep dynamic liftermanure based fertiliser. It has continued to gain considerable acceptance and increased use around the garden, and is now a respected and established organic fertiliser product.

As the use of Dynamic Lifter has increased, many people have furthered the use of it, and began including it into their lawn fertilising programs too. This is an excellent addition to lawn care fertilising, but there are a few points to keep in mind when using Dynamic Lifter as a lawn fertiliser.

The pelletised form of Dynamic Lifter allows it to slowly break down and decompose over a period of time in the garden. It can also be successfully raked into garden beds and soils which increase it efficiency to feed the soil with natural nutrients.

Using Dynamic Lifter On Lawns

This slow decomposition of Dynamic Lifter pellets can often make seem to make them unsuitable for use on lawns as a fertiliser, theoretically they would be removed with the next lawn mowing, making the entire process a waste of time and money. Some careful planning can get around this potential problem and allow us to make use of this wonderful organic fertiliser on our lawns.

Using Dynamic Lifter all year round is not a good option, as during the faster growing seasons the fertiliser pellets would never have enough time to break down between cuts, but not too worry… there are two ways around this problem.

Put Dynamic Lifter onto the lawn directly after lawn mowing, this allows the fertiliser to sit on the lawn to break down for the longest period of time between cuts. Ensure the lawn receives adequate water between now and the next lawn mowing service, this aids in breaking down the Dynamic Lifter pellets.

If possible, the next lawn mowing should be done without a catcher, this will allow the left-over pellets to go through the mower blades and be pushed deeper into the leaf of the lawn. The lawn clippings are also full of Nitrogen, water and other nutrients which are a great food source for lawns, so an occasional mowing without a catcher is recommended at least a couple or few times per year.

Dynamic Lifter In Winter

Winter can also be a great time of year to use Dynamic Lifter on lawns. The longer period of time between mowings and the free and abundant water provided by the rain gives the fertiliser pellets plenty of time to decompose. A fertilising program which includes the Winter application of Dynamic Lifter can be a great idea.