Fertilising Requirements For Soft Leaf Buffalo

Buffalo grass requires slightly different fertilising-buffalo-lawnfertilising practices than other grass types, without accounting for these differences our Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns can easily lose their dark green colour and thin out.

The ever increasing popularity of the new Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn varieties brings new challenges for the care of these lawns, they often require mowing at a higher height than other grasses, and their nutrients needs are also different.

These nutrient problems have been present for many years now, caused mainly by fertiliser manufacturers who have not released new products to care for Soft Leaf Buffalo properly as they have continued their rise in popularity. The good news for homeowners is that this is now slowly changing with the emergence of Buffalo specific lawn fertilisers.

Soft Leaf Buffalo Fertilisers

While Soft Leaf Buffalo Fertilisers are becoming more readily available in garden shops and in online shops which sell Buffalo specific lawn care products, they can be expensive for what they are, and there are often suitable workarounds to care for Buffalo grass in a cost effective and suitable way.

If you do not have access to Soft Leaf Buffalo fertilisers, or believe they may be unnecessarily over-priced, then the next best option would be to use a high quality fertiliser applied regularly throughout the year. This fertilising regimen should then be supplemented with an Iron supplement.

The Requirement For Iron In Buffalo Lawns

Iron is a very important mineral for Buffalo grass, after following good fertilising practices a special lawn Iron supplement can be purchased from any store which sells garden products. It should be applied in very small quantities according to manufacturers recommendations only, as excess usage can cause severe damage to lawns.

An Iron supplement should only be required once or twice a year. If a Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn still isn’t maintaining a dark green leaf then another brand of fertiliser could be trialled, as well as monitoring other lawn care practices such as maintaining the lawn height at appropriate levels for Buffalo, and ensuring adequate water is being applied to the lawn.

Remember: Iron supplements will stain surrounding pathways with rust. Always ensure paths are properly cleaned to remove any fertiliser debris, and never use Iron supplements or Iron supplemented fertilisers in the rain.