The Risk Of Damage From Over Watering Lawnsover-watering-lawns

Lawns can become at very high risk of damage in many ways due to excessive watering regimens. Not only is over-watering highly wasteful, and these days very expensive, it’s also damaging to the environment as the excess water cannot be used by either lawns or gardens and washes away into drains, our water systems and underground water tables.

Damaging The Environment

With this waste also goes any excessive nutrients we may have been applying to our lawns and gardens. Whereas if the correct watering were being carried out, these nutrients would stay in the soil until they were fully absorbed by lawns and plants.

Damage To Lawns From Over Watering

Lawns become at risk of damage when over-watered when the soil and grass become soggy, leading it to be easily damaged from regular use by people, or from lawn mowing which can easily damage a water-logged lawn.

Lawns with excessive amounts of water staying in the soil are also drowning the out the oxygen from the soil. Oxygen is a vital component to the roots of all plants, including lawns, so a water-logged lawn can easily remove this vital component for plant life, leading to sickness or possibly the death of the lawn.

Excessive watering will also create a shallow root system for the turf, once any hot weather suddenly arrives, the lawn will immediately suffer as it’s root system dries out and dies quickly in the heat.

Excessive lawn growth can also occur when over-watering is combined with heavy fertilising, leading to more frequent mowing and rapid thatch build up – requiring de-thatching / Vertimowing to bring under control.

A Good Watering Program

Excessive watering has the potential create an enormous amount of problems for our lawns. Watering lawns should always be done deeply and infrequently – a watering program of once or twice a week of a good soaking is usually all that is needed to keep lawns in excellent health.