We can offer our clients numerous ways to establish newSide Yard Turfing Immediately After Completion grass surfaces on their fields. Along with our business partner, we can achieve the following:

  • A total preparation package in readiness for grassing (meeting any design criteria, to “international standard”).
  • Supply of turf grass (all species / varieties) in both standard & maxi rolls.
  • Wash plant available (standard rolls only).

Clients with specific needs can be catered for with custom built paddocks to meet their future turf needs. All soil types and grass types available. The maintenance of these custom built paddocks is at the customer’s request, we can facilitate your individual mowing height requirements, nutritional programs etc.

The maintenance of our standard paddocks are of the highest quality in the Sydney market. We monitor strict quality assurance throughout the growing / harvesting / delivery / laying stages to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

A nutritional requirement for all of our turf is determined through soil tests and a combination of synthetic, organic and liquid fertilisers. The natural soil on our farm is ideal for farming, slight changes in pH, compaction and composition is achieved through our constant renovation and maintenance regime.

Our turf farm is irrigated through fully automatic, pop up sprinklers. This is a “one of a kind” in Sydney. This allows us to create and maintain the ideal moisture for the harvesting stage ensuring our high standards are constantly met.

Stolonising is becoming more popular. We were the first contractors to successfully stolonise warm season grasses through to establishment. Utilising our basic agronomic background we can ensure our customers get the result they need whist maintaining a cost effective outcome. Stolonising in the right conditions can see establishment for play within 10 weeks. Planting stolons instead of turf allows the result being a clean soil profile (without the native soil from our farm, ending up on your soil. Our unmatched methodology in Stolonising is reputable and cost saving. It makes simple agronomic sense to consider this option.

Stolonising is not LINE PLANTING. Line planting options tend to leave ruts in the surface and the accuracy of planting is only as good as the labourer feeding the turf into the machine.