Weed and Feed Popularity

Weed and Feed is one of the most yates weed n feedcommonly used weeding products being used by lawn owners today. These are the products which are sold in a bottle, attached to a hose and then sprayed onto the lawn with the supposed ideal of both fertilising and killing weeds in our lawns. But what is the effectiveness of these weed killers in our lawn care?

The Effectiveness Of Weed and Feed

Weed and Feed continues to sell in massive quantities, it’s premise is to offer a very simple method of killing weeds in home lawns with a process that even the least knowledgeable lawn owners can accomplish.

The problem is… these products usually don’t work.

In essence, Weed and Feeds are a very weak form of broadleaf herbicide mixed with an equally weak liquid fertiliser. They are purposefully made weak so that they can be applied by anyone with little to not risk of damaging a lawn, as well as making the product a very inexpensive item to purchase.

But such a weak product will always lead to weak results, with the only weeds being killed, being the youngest weeds of the weakest weed types.

Because Weed and Feed only contains a broadleaf herbicide, it will not affect many other weed types as either, including weeds such as Winter Grass and Paspalum. Tougher broadleaf weed types such as Oxalis will not be affected whatsoever by any Weed and Feed.

WARNING: Most Weed and Feed products will damage or kill some grass types such as Kikuyu and Buffalo. If you own these lawn types and still plan to use a Weed and Feed product, then ensure the correct product is purchased which is safe for use on these lawn types.

Choosing A Better Weed Killer

A homeowner can continue to purchase Weed and Feed and continue to apply it, often in vain and without results. Well with the exception of making the manufacturers a lot of money, and causing a lot of frustration to the lawn owner.

Spraying for weeds really is not that difficult, especially if the weeds being killed are of the broadleaf variety. A quality broadleaf herbicide can usually be purchased for under $15 and a 3 litre handy sprayer for the same price. The herbicide is then mixed to manufacturers instructions and applied.