How To Kill Masses Of Weeds In Lawns

When we’re faced with a lawn full of weeds it masses of weedscan seem like a daunting task of knowing where to begin to completely kill lawn weeds in such overwhelming proportions. Whether we’ve just been too busy in today’s hectic world, or we’ve moved into a new property we want to bring under control and make the lawn beautiful again, it doesn’t have to be difficult, a simple step by step approach is all that’s required to completely kill all lawn weeds.

Begin With Broadleaf Weeds

The term “broadleaf weeds” is a very broad and general term, which covers hundreds of different weed types, which can all be successfully killed by broadleaf herbicides.

Broadleaf herbicides are one of the cheapest weed killers to purchase, as well as being the single herbicide that can kill more weed types than any other herbicide. So this is the obvious first place to begin when tackling masses of weeds.

Purchase and apply a broadleaf herbicide to the lawn, and allow two weeks to see full results. Don’t expect all weeds, including broadleaf weeds to be killed with a single application. After two weeks – check the lawn weeds looking for signs of weeds that have browned off but haven’t yet died. The lawn may require another application of broadleaf herbicide.

Identify and Treat Other Weed Types

After waiting for the second two week period after the second herbicide application, we can then look to identify the remaining weed types.

If the remaining weeds are small in numbers then the best option may be to spend a little time to simply pull or dig the weeds from the lawn. However, if there are still a large number of unaffected and healthy weeds in the lawn, then it could be prudent to purchase a specific herbicide to kill them.

If you’re well versed with weed types, or are up for a bit of online research, this can be a very simple task. Otherwise it would be wise to pull out some of the remaining weeds to take to the local Nursery for identification, and a suitable weed killer purchased.

We cannot possibly cover all weed types and their treatments in this article, so be sure to identify weeds properly, buy the correct herbicide and always apply at manufacturers specifications.

Buffalo Lawn and Weed Killers

Be aware that many herbicides and specifically those for broadleaf weeds can damage of kill Buffalo lawns. Be sure to purchase the specific herbicide designed for use of Buffalo Grass. Check all labels carefully before purchasing any herbicide for a Buffalo lawn. Also check our article how to kill weeds in Buffalo Grass.

More Information On Spraying Lawn Weeds

For more general information and guidelines for killing lawn weeds and spraying herbicides, check our article how to spray lawn weeds.

Ongoing Weed Problems

Even if we’ve managed to kill all the weeds in our lawns, it must be expected that new infestations will continue to occur for the next couple or few years. This is because all those masses of weeds have set down thousands of weed seeds into the lawn.

These weed seeds can continue to germinate over the next several years until the seed bank has exhausted itself. Simply treat and kill these new weeds as required, repeating the steps in this article.