Identification of Wireweed

Wireweed grows flat to the ground sendingwireweed it’s tough runners in all directions, it is a common weed in most regions of Australia which can grow and seed all year. The weed is an annual but also has the ability to hibernate for the Winter and re-emerge for a second season of growth.

The tough stems of Wireweed are a dark green colour often with a purple hue. Along the stems grows masses of tiny white flowers which are barely noticeable as flowers until a closer inspection is taken.

Control Of Wireweed

Lawn mowing will do nothing to control Wireweed, as the entire weed and it’s seeds grow below mowing heights.

Good lawn care can control many weeds, including Wireweed by creating a healthy, thick green turf which will easily out-compete Wireweed for resources and room needed for establishment of the weed.

How To Kill Wireweed

Wireweed is easily killed in paths by spraying Glyphosate broad spectrum herbicide.

The weed can also be hand pulled from lawns, or a sharp knife used to cut the weed off at it’s roots.

A selective broadleaf herbicide can usually easily control Wireweed in lawns as well. Buffalo lawn owners should always check the labels of Broadleaf herbicides to ensure they are safe for use on their grass type.